The ever changing relationships

Everything really changes– even your most treasured relationships.

Yes, it’s always good to spend time with people important to you (friends, significant other). You laugh and cry with them. Reminisce embarrassing moments. Tease each other. Talk about future plans or none thereof.

You hope everything will just stay the same. But in reality, it would not. And it might never be.

People come and go. No matter how many hours or days or months you spend with each other, there will come a point when you’ll fall apart. Maybe not drastically, but you will, eventually. Deep inside you know that you are still good friends, but you will sometimes find it hard to connect. To understand and to say the right words. To vent without being perceived as annoying.

Even though you’re very confident that your relationship is larger than life, there will come a time when you’ll doubt it yourself. After seeing each other again after a very long time, the most natural thing is to talk endlessly, or be overwhelmed by awkwardness and silence. You missed each other a lot, all right. But you’ll feel how things have changed. How you have changed and how the other person changed. How time, distance, experience, and interest changed the both of you. And it’s really hard to do something about it. You’d feel that there are some things you would no longer want to share with them, maybe because you worry they will find it insignificant or uninteresting, or maybe because you no longer know if they are the right persons to share those things with.

Bottomline is… you will never be sure if the friend you wholeheartedly cherish today will be the same friend you’ll be with many years from now. Yeah. That’s really sad. But if we will look at it the other way, the old relationships you already let go a long time ago might be rekindled and you may start anew. Relationship is like a cycle — and we all run in one circle! So no matter how estranged you are, you’ll surely meet again and maybe patch things up, maybe not drastically, but you will, eventually.

So, what is my point??

1. Cherish every moment you spend with people significant to you.

2. Constant communication is essential.

3. Don’t sulk too much about friends you don’t get to spend time with, they’ll eventually come back or maybe YOU will come back.

4. If your relationship fell apart, there are hundreds of ways to build it again . You just need to put a lot of effort to bring back (or better yet, improve) the relationship you used to have.

5. If your efforts didn’t work, don’t overreact and complain. It could just mean that the relationship you’re saving might not be worth working out… just yet.

6. Always try to be the best person you can be.

Happiest birthday to you!

My dearest bez,

It has been so many years since we first exchanged text messages. Uso pa ang load card at wala pang unlimited texting promos. The details of those text messages, I can no longer remember. I have forgotten the topics we had every time we hang out. It’s hard to recollect even the nitty gritty of the surprises and gifts we had for each other. But I definitely won’t forget how you made my life extra special — those happy thoughts and warm feelings I get ever time I remember you.

Some people find it unusual how the two of us grew closer. We are really different in so many ways. And I think you, and other people close to us would agree. You like making friends while I’m contented with having just a few. We also keep entirely different kinds of friends. We have different set of circles. You get along well with my close friends while you know how uncomfortable I get every time I meet yours. I’m reserved and you’re the sociable type. You have a very warm personality and I have a ‘not so warm’ personality. Hohoho

We’re like living in opposite poles. But since high school, you made it easier for me to adjust and reach out. You never put me in any compromising situations and supported me all the way. You always listen to me and never fail to take my side — no questions asked.

You cheered me up when I’m feeling sad; you cheered me on when I’m feeling down and worried. For the problems I chose not to share and for the secrets I kept, you never complained but tried to understand.

I have so many reasons to thank you. I know how unusual this friendship that we share though. 😛 We rarely talk (since you’ve always been far away; not that I’m complaining. haha). We don’t have much pictures together (have you noticed?). Despite all this weirdness that we have (haha), I am really glad you are my friend.

I know that in this friendship, you’ve always been the better friend. You took me under your wing and I’m very thankful you consider me as one of your bestfriends. I appreciate every moment that we had and I’m so sorry for not always liking the past boyfriends you had introduced. Hahaha. (I know I’m already forgiven)

I love you and I hope you’ll have a blast today! I miss you and I’m really excited to see you. Or maybe you’ll come back this year to meet me?

Happy, happy birthday! You will always be my JORAYS. Hahahaha. Here’s a birthday cake for you.


Bear hugs and flying kisses from me,


Halalan 2013

Comelec Halalan 2013

Still hounded by many controversies.

Still dirty.

Same old names.

Some really surprising results.


But I’d like to think that many voters are more responsible now.


To the newly elected public officials, congratulations and good luck!

Prove you’re worthy and eligible to be in that position, most especially the political neophytes. (No, I’m not just talking about you Nancy.)

サヨナライツカ Sayonara Itsuka (Goodbye, someday)

Beautiful cinematography.
Simple plot.
Intriguing development.
Dynamic characters.

Excerpts from the poem in the movie

To live is to prepare for goodbye;

For loneliness is a friend who will not betray
Shiver not into pouring love instead buy an umbrella;

Believe not in happiness, even in the passions of love
Confess not your love even if you would die for it;

For love is like a season;
It comes and goes to decorate life’s boredom;

The moment you call it Love,
it melts away, like an ice sculpture…

Goodbye someday
Happiness lasts not forever, as despair lasts not forever.

Somedays there is goodbye;
Somedays, theres is Hello

At death,
some look back on being loved;
While some look back on having loved…
I shall look back on having loved…

Majestic Coron part 2

The airport is about an hour away from the town proper. It’s located in a secluded area in the middle of vast lands. There is actually a point where you’ll have to go through rough roads. But your eyes will surely feast on the greeneries. Well, technically, not really greeneries (they don’t have much vegetation and trees hardly thrive), but yeah, you get my point. 😛

collage airport

Our van (from the Calamian Islands Travel & Tours) dropped us at Mi Casa. The room is neat and cozy, and the staff are very accommodating. We shared a room with three beds. My ‘bedmate’ for the entire trip was Maki while Ate J shared with Ate Mavic. Mia had to use one on her own although she was quite insistent on one of us sharing with her. (If you’re planning to stay here, you better reserve rooms ahead of time.)


A peek inside our room

A peek inside our room

Anyway, after dropping our luggage, we went straight to a restaurant called “Santino’s Grill”. You just have to ride a tricycle and tell the driver where you want to go. The tricycle is quite different from the usual tricycles we see in the Metro. It’s 8-seater! The fare is 9 pesos but someone told us (not sure if it’s the hotel staff or the tour guide) that we could give the drivers 10 pesos (a little help from us tourists). So yeah, we paid 10 pesos each.

Santino’s Grill serves Filipino cuisines, mostly seafoods. The food was so-so. We ordered fruit shakes, kangkong with sweet sauce, grilled tuna, calamares, and ensaladang ‘lato’ or seaweed. We had to ask the waiter to do the tuna again since it looked undercooked. You have to be very patient in waiting too. They served the food almost an hour after we ordered. Gaahh! There are only two groups eating at that time (the other one’s us!). So I can’t imagine the waiting time if the resto’s actually full. Eekkk!

Food trip at Santino's Grill

Food trip at Santino’s Grill

To kill time, we played a game. Each one of us will have to tell something we have done that we think the others haven’t. I can’t really explain the mechanics clearly, but basically, the first to get 10 wins. I suggest you do the same. Play or whatever. Haha.

After digging in, we went straight to the hotel. There, we met Ate Mavic and rested for awhile. We then freshened up and prepared for the next activities. We waited for the van to pick us up at around 4 pm. The tour guide named “Naru” (but we call him Naruto) brought us to the local souvenir shop.

Everyone, meet Kuya Naru, ze tour guide!

Everyone, meet Kuya Naru, ze tour guide!

I expected a street full of souvernir shops or at the very least, a huge local shop. So I was disappointed to see a small shop with products I know, are made in other areas. There are souvenir shirts, ref magnet, accessories, swimming apparel, cashew nut, and other items. I left the shop with nothing but a blue hat (for my boss) and a pair of pearl earring. I was really upset but I soon took in that it’s because Coron doesn’t have products other than seafood and cashew nut. Trees and other crops hardly grow because it seldom rains in Coron unlike in some other islands. And as we have observed, they do not have good irrigation system.

Kuya Naruto came prepared with animated stories and kept reminding us that we should listen carefully for he’ll have a quiz later on. Being the competitive that we are, we really paid attention to everything (well, maybe not really everything, most, I guess. haha) he said. We stopped in Coron’s pier, just near the town market, and took some pictures. There’s a zipline there but it’s not really appealing. The tour guide told us it’ll cost us 500 pesos for the zipline and I don’t think it’s worth it.

Zipline in the pier of Coron.

Zipline in the pier of Coron

Group picture!

Group picture!

The tour guide then brought us to the foot of Mt. Tapyas. The moment I stepped out of the van, I knew I’m up for some real action. 724 steps! Woohh! I hoped and prayed my legs would not fail me. We didn’t have any physical preparations and that kinda bothered me. As far as I know, my friends aren’t physically active as well… so yeah, good luck to us! Haha

Equipped with nothing but hats, camera, and a bottle of water, we started trekking; teasing each other of whose legs will first give up. I bet it’s going to be Ate J. It just got to be her. Haha

First few steps

First few steps

The first few steps are quite steep so it was a bit difficult. We started in fast phase, not wanting to be overtaken by small children trekking with us. The first two hundred steps passed in a blur but the succeeding steps took our energy down the drain. It was hot and we were sweating and panting hard. It’s a good thing though that the steps are paved and there’s handrail. There are also shaded parts and benches so we were able to rest every once in a while.

The ascend --first 200 steps

The ascend — first 200 steps

Sidenote: We were frantically laughing because of the comical bouncy strides one tourist was doing. She somehow kept me keyed up.

After almost an hour, we finally reached the summit. Mt. Tapyas offers a scenic view of Coron. Atop stands a large steel cross painted in white. It’s picture-perfect! We rested in the view deck for a while and marvel at its beauty. The scene is very serene. The rigorous ascend is all worth it!












After watching the beautiful sunset, we decided to start descending. Oh goodness! 724 steps, we meet again! On our halfway down, my knees started trembling so I tried walking fast, aiming to walk ahead of the group so that I can rest on the bench while waiting for them. Maki was doing the same technique so we had some moment of private talk while waiting for the others.

When we finally reached the van, our tour guide started asking questions. He said that if we were able to answer correctly, he’d give us free cashew nut. It turned out that we’re heading to a cashew nut store. Ha! That store gives samples for free tasting. Cashew nut is quite expensive– ¼ kilo costs P175.00. Since there aren’t much products in Coron for pasalubong, I bought a lot of cashew nuts for my friends, officemates, and family back home.

Kuya Naruto then led us to the Maquinit hot spring. Maquinit, in the local dialect, means ‘hot’. So yeah, if you’ll think about it, Maquinit hot spring’s a bit redundant. Haha. Since it’s already dark (plus the fact that we’re busy munching cashew nut on our way), I didn’t notice the road we were taking. I just realized that we were heading up a rough road. Sobrang maalikabok kaya nakakaawa yung mga nakatricycle. Don’t even think of going there in a tricycle, especially if you have asthma.

There are three hot (around 40º C) pools to bathe in. The water is salty so be careful with your eyes. Kuya Naruto told us that it’s the only saltwater hotspring in the country. We took a dip and stayed there for about 15 minutes only. It was very rejuvenating. It’s definitely a good way to relax your strained muscles after the tiring Mt. Tapyas trek.

Taking a dip at Maquinit Hot Spring

Taking a dip at Maquinit Hot Spring

Sidenote: The sides of the pool have algae so it’s a bit slippery.

We headed to the hotel and freshened up. Just a few minutes after 8, we went to Bistro Coron. (Bistro Coron is one of the top searches in Google so we figured that we should try their food.) We were supposed to just order and have the food delivered but they say that they don’t do delivery.


When we got there, I was both overwhelmed and under whelmed. I was overwhelmed with the awful atmosphere and under whelmed by their service. There are broken bottles outside (just near the road) and all of the customers are foreigners. There’s no vacant seat and I somehow felt lost. We can’t find anyone to accommodate us. So we went near the bar counter and were welcomed by two foreigners arguing with the waitress. Geez. Imagine that! I was able to catch their words (since we were just few meters away from them) and they’re arguing because of a bottle of juice! The foreigner was reiterating that she owns the juice and brought it with her when they arrived — turns out the waitress accounted the juice in their bill. Instead of feeling sympathy for the waitress, I felt a bit annoyed. Instead of apologizing for her mistake, she kept on insisting that it wasn’t her fault. Gaaaaahhh! Maybe realizing that the argument is going nowhere, the foreigners just retreated and asked the waitress to be more attentive next time. To my surprise, the waitress counter argued again! What an awful customer service.

That same waitress only took notice of us when the two foreigners she’s arguing with, left. She told us to take seats on the porch and gave us the menu. That was it! No ‘please’ and no ‘wait’. I don’t remember being led to our table at all. Aissshhhhh.

We first took three vacant seats and later on transferred to a different table when a group of customers left. When the waitress went to us, we were still discussing what to order. She looked utterly bored while waiting for our orders – complete with the bored face with her hands on her chin. I was beginning to feel really pissed. What a snub!

She suddenly told us that we should order ASAP because they won’t be accepting orders after 9 pm. And mind you, she didn’t tell that politely but with the ‘in-your-face’ tone. What a biatch. So I quickly googled the food reviews and we ended up ordering beef tenderloin with pepper sauce (with spiral pasta) and Bistro pizza. The beef tenderloin arrived shortly and we started digging in. The pizza arrived about 30 minutes after (but it’s okay since it’s clearly indicated in the menu that we’ll have to wait for 30 minutes). I must say that the foods are really tasty! The pepper sauce was flavorful and the beef was very tender. Certainly, a must try!

Good thing the food is great; otherwise, I’d forever list Bistro Coron as one of my worst resto dining experience ever.

We noticed that there are only two staff (well, aside from those in the kitchen) in Bistro Coron. The barista and the waitress. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s really grumpy. As to not be totally pissed with the waitress, we just reasoned out that maybe she’s already tired blah blah blah. But to my surprise, as I read the reviews of Bistro Coron, I found that we weren’t the only ones who experienced the same treatment from that waitress. Ha!

Pigging out at Bistro Coron -- yum!

Pigging out at Bistro Coron — yum!

My review?
Food: Great!
Service: Awful
Ambiance: Appalling (It doesn’t really look the way it was on pictures. DO NOT BE DECIEVED. Else, you’ll be disappointed.)

We didn’t bother staying there for a chat. After finishing our food, we went back to the hotel.

Before retiring for the night, we had a massage. We asked the hotel to arrange it for us. Although we were scheduled to have a massage at 11 pm, the three massaseurs arrived at 11:30 while the other two arrived 10 minutes after. Although we ended up sleeping really late, the massage helped us relax and recharge for the next day’s activities. Ahhhh.. what a good way to end the long day!

<Day 2 coming up!>

Sneak peak of Day 2.

Thank you to Ate J, Mia, and ate Mavic for the pictures. Special thanks to Mia for the video (it pretty much sums up our Day 2 experience). Enjoy!

Majestic Coron!

First time ko magsulat ng Taglish na blog. I realized that this blog is supposed to somehow express who I am, the way I speak, and how my ideas flow.  So, expect cluttered ideas here and there.

To be completely honest, I don’t really know much about Coron. When my two friends decided to book a flight for Coron early last year, they booked me and another friend as well. They just informed us afterwards that they have booked a flight for us already. So, imagine my surprise when I got a message telling me I’m on for a trip the following year. Since I haven’t been to Palawan (where Coron is), I felt elated. After having an ‘Amazing Race-ish’ trip to Guimaras-Iloilo-Bacolod and conquering Mt. Pulag with the group, I was sure right there and then that I’m up for another great experience.

Our short, but fun-packed, Visayas escapade

Our short but fun-packed Visayas escapade

Conquering Mt. Pulag!

Conquering Mt. Pulag!

(off topic)

February 14 came and I just wanted time to fly since I’ve been sulking all day. Haha.

Feb. 15. The first day.

We all woke up really early. My friends fetched me home at around 5:20 am and went straight to the airport. We arrived at NAIA terminal 3 just few minutes before 7 am. Since we have empty stomachs, we decided to eat breakfast at Kenny Rogers first. I ordered chicken while my friends ordered pancake with sausage, and ­­­­­­bread with bacon and omelet.

We have started eating when I realized that we’re supposed to be fasting. Oh-oh! @_@

Our flight was scheduled at 8:30 am so we still have an hour or so of free time. After checking in, we joined Ate Mavic in the waiting area since her flight’s at the afternoon pa. We sat, talked, and laughed real hard that we didn’t realize it’s already 15 minutes before our ETD.

shamelessly camwhoring while waiting to board

shamelessly camwhoring while waiting to board

But since we thought that we aren’t boarding yet, we leisurely walk going to the gate. But lo! We heard the Last Call advisory. They were already calling our names. Geezzz. We ran like there’s no tomorrow! Haha. When we arrived, a crew told us “kayo na lang po ang hinihintay”.  A shuttle suddenly arrived to give us a lift. We were the only ones on the shuttle. We were both amused and embarrassed. Boy, that was our first time to get called! As we recalled how we ran like crazies, we giggled and later burst into fits of laughters. Mind you, at the back of my mind, I felt a bit panicky. We could have missed our flight!

While we were on the shuttle bus, a crew suddenly flagged down and joined us. I just have to say this… (haha) he’s really good looking! My friends and I were exchanging looks when Mia suddenly asked the guy to take us a picture. Silly me! I was hoping Mia would take a picture of us. Hahahaha. Just kidding.

Picture taken by kuyang pogi

Picture taken by kuyang pogi

It took us maybe 5 minutes before we reached our plane. I didn’t know that the aircraft is tad smaller than the usual flights I had before. So, I was a bit scared. T.T

The four of us were supposed to sit beside each other. But when we reached our designated seats, a sleeping foreigner was already sitting there. It was supposed to be Ate J’s seat, but being the courteous girls (Ate J and Maki) that they are, they chose not to make a fuss out of it and ended up taking another seats. They were supposed to be seated across us but they ended up taking two seats behind us. I was quite disappointed. (Side note: Most of the passengers are foreigners)

I was thinking of things to do while waiting for the plane to take off. Good thing I brought my Japanese book with me but I can’t seem to concentrate. I was really bored during the flight that I was checking the magazine, reading my book, looking to Mia (who’s past asleep), looking at others, and checking the view outside in repetitive fashion, albeit not in the same order. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Busuanga airport.

When the plane landed, my excitement came back almost instantly. The airport is lowtech and it doesn’t even have a conveyor belt. A crew basically hands the baggage manually — but it’s fine! We actually found it really amusing. The network signal isn’t good as well and the airport doesn’t have aircon. It was really laid-back. I felt like traveling back in time.

I tried not to do a research about Coron prior to our flight because I want to be surprised by what it could offer. And boy, it didn’t disappoint!

<to be continued>

Preview of how enchanting Coron is

Credits to Ms. J for taking this picture

Credits to Ms. J for taking this picture